Vote for Zip the Cure

November 29, 2009

PLEASE click on the button above to VOTE for Zip the Cure in the Chase Community Giving on Facebook

(You need to have a facebook account to vote and you need to become a fan of Chase Community Giving.)

On December 15, the top 100 qualified vote-getters will be announced to receive $25,000 each, and will move on to the next round.

In Round Two, the top 100 organizations will have the option to submit a Million Dollar Grant proposal to Facebook users, detailing the difference they would make in their local community with the significant extra resources.

Facebook users will vote starting January 15, and on February 1, the qualified organization receiving the most votes will be announced as the winner of a Million Dollar Grant from Chase. The next five organizations with the most votes will receive $100,000 each.

We need your vote, so please vote for Zip the Cure and tell all of your friends to vote!!  We are doing well, and I think we are in the top 100!

Please email all of your facebook friends and ask them to vote.

Also, please visit to see my project.




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