Zip the Cure to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My name is Monica Oxenreiter and I am 15 years old. I live in Pittsburgh and I suffer from Juvenile Diabetes.

I came up with an idea to raise money: RAISE $100 IN EVERY ZIP CODE OF THE UNITED STATES! So JDRF approved my idea as a third party fundraiser, we formed a non-profit and we created an awesome website that will show graphically when a zip code is “sold”. The map will start out all yelllow and as each zip code is sold, that portion of the map will turn green. Hopefully, by next summer, the entire US map will be green. I think this is the first time anyone has tried a project like this. We have no paid staff and all of our proceeds will be donated to JDRF. In addition, we are approved by the IRS as a 501c Charity, and all donations are tax deductible to fullest extent of the law.

We went live on November 14, 2009, which is World Diabetes Day. Although it may take a few months for the concept to catch on, once it does it has the potential to raise millions of dollars for research to find a cure.

If you want to help, here are three ways:

  • Mention Zip the Cure in your blog
  • Add a link to your website to
  • Sponsor a zip code for $100
  • Tell your friends because word of mouth is our only publicity at this point
  • Join our Facebook Group
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • If you cannot sponsor a zip code, please consider a donation of ANY size

This is a great cause that will help find a cure for the three million people that suffer from type 1 diabetes. I hope you will visit to see what our project is all about.

Thank you for your support.


ps:  If you want to sponsor a zip code, it is very simple.  Visit  Once there, click on the DONATE button, and a screen will appear. Enter your credit card information and click on REVIEW DONATION AND CONTINUE. A screen will appear, PLEASE REVIEW YOUR DONATION AND CONTINUE. To add your desired zip code, click on the + button to add. If you do not add a zip code here, we will simply use your home address zip code. To complete your sponsorship, click on DONATE $100 USD NOW. That is it, once you click, we will add your name to the map. The map updates every night and by tomorrow morning, your sponsored zip code will appear green. When your zip code is clicked, the sponsor’s name and city will pop-up.  If an sponsorship of entire zip code is not possible, please consider a donation of any amount, and we will pool these donations together to buy zip codes.  To donate an amount of any size, please click on the GENERAL DONATION link on the upper left side of the ZTC main webpage.  These zip codes will be labeled Friends of Zip the Cure.   So please donate and help us cure juvenile diabetes one zip code at a time. Thank you!


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